Saturday, February 13, 2010

That Darn Cat!

Oh, dear! Kitty is in the napkin basket again!

Good thing daddy is at work! He doesn't like to see Kitty on the dining room table!

Please view a Sweet Little Nothing that was dragged around the house by the innocent looking cat in the basket! It's supposed to be a shrug for my oldest daughter and was progressing nicely. It's a very easy top down raglan. I made it more challenging to knit by buying a $15 ball of Metallic FX by Berrocco to add a little bling. What you can't see is the tangled knotted useless mess the Metallic FX is right now. It's too depressing to show you. Sigh. The one day I leave the door of my yarn room open, the kitty cat seizes the opportunity to grab the daintily threaded sequin ball and drag it 50 feet out into the living room! Needless to say I have no hope of restoring this project or ever finishing it.

When I told my friends at work about the kitty sequin yarn disaster they suggested I just buy another $15 ball of sequin yarn and keep going. Don't they know about dye lots! Much less the psychological trauma of being foiled by a cat!

" Mmmmm....I love eating yarn." That Darn Cat!

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