Saturday, May 1, 2010


Currently on the needles and scoring #1 in evening knitting time is the charming Pimpelliese by Christine Ebers of Spinning Martha. I have wanted to make a triangle scarf like this for quite a while, but the most popular one called Baktus was very plain. There is a variation with some yarnovers called lacy Baktus that is also very popular probably due to the fact that the yarnovers break the monotony of garter stitch for some. The yarn is Jojoland Melody superwash wool which features gradual tonal colorshifts that I find soothing and interesting.

This picture shows what I shall call my gauge swatch. My other wip is worsted weight and this is fingering weight so there was quite a call for my fingers to control this yarn. After several inches into the scarf, my tension became more even so I simply tinked this back and started over.

The Jojoland Melody feels soft but a little crunchy worked up as garter stitch. I am hopeful that a good soak at the end with Eucalan will soften it sufficiently to wear around my neck next winter.

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