Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here is the Ajune Toddler Pullover up to the armholes. I thought it was so pretty! However, there were a few problems with it. Number One-the yarn worked up too thinly. I have come to admire a certain squishiness in yarn. Not wet sort of squishy, but thick and fluffy kind of squishy. These two yarns were making a very lightweight, cheap looking fabric. Second, I doubted this would actually fit a 12-month old who wears 18-month clothes. So, this version was frogged.....

Oops! That's not right! I didn't frog it....I threw it out! Yes, I committed the ultimate yarn workers travesty and threw out some precious fiber. Don't get me wrong; I wrestled with the moral implications for about a week. Afterall, none of the other fiber bloggers ever admit to throwing out a frogged project. I weighed the implications of storing this cheap looking stuff until I could find another use for it. Well, why would I ever want to make anything else with it? Is it ok to dislike something so much that you actually throw it out? My answer was "yes" and after this post, I'm not going to even think about it again.

In the meantime, I completed another pullover based on the Ajune pattern. Wait til you see time.

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