Saturday, April 3, 2010

Flu Shawl

Follow me back in time to October 2009. Not that long ago really. A very bad month for the H1N1. I work at an elementary school where the flu was making its rounds. However, I'm pretty sure I actually caught it from my husband who works with the public at a grocery store. Anyhoo.....the end result was the same: Too sick to go to work; too tired to work at home. Enter this shawl project:

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It's crocheted in Lily Chin Chelsea, a 30% merino/35% cotton/35% acrylic blend I picked up from a WEBS sale last year. The only mod I made was adding the fringe. After completing the last row of the shawl, I slip stitched to the edge, chained 40 and slip stitched to the next stitch, chained 40 and repeated the same process all along the two sides.

I like this yarn. I'm always looking for blends of cotton and merino to work with. Mostly because I get too hot in 100% wool. I have four balls of this left which is about 760 yards. I'm thinking of knitting a little dress for my baby niece. Time to go look for a pattern!

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