Sunday, July 11, 2010


I've been making a lot of these bracelets lately. They have proven a popular extra when I do swaps and my two daughters like theirs, too. I made a two-circle pendant to match one of the sets. They are super easy to make with my directions below:


Items needed:
#10 crochet thread--Go for the sparkly kind if you like!
No. 9 steel crochet hook
plastic rings (many sizes available at local craft stores)
one button (for closure)
sharp needle (to sew on button and weave in ends)

Step One: Make a simple crochet circle. The button is sewn on this circle in the finishing step.

Leaving a 6" end, Chain 2. 6 sc in the second chain from hook. Place a marker in the last stitch made.
Row 2: 2 sc in each stitch. 12 stitches.
Row 3: *1 sc in next stitch; 2 sc in next stitch* Repeat around. 18 stitches. This completes the button holder. Remove marker. Do not fasten off. Chain 1.

Step 2: Now you crochet half-way around the plastic rings. Generally, 7 rings makes a nice size bracelet between 7 and 7 1/2". Use your own wrist as a guide and keep in mind that there will be a little give in the final product. Here we go:

Hold a ring in your left hand, insert the hook through the ring, draw up a loop firmly around the ring, yo and draw through both loops. Repeat until your ring is half full. Different sizes require different amounts to look covered, but not crowded. Write down how many stitches you use to cover the ring. If you use different sized rings in a project, just write the number as you go.

So now the ring is half full. Chain 1. Pick up your next ring and fill it half full with stitches. Chain 1. Repeat half-covering a ring, then chain 1 until you have enough filled to be a bracelet.

You will now chain a loop big enough to fit over the button you are using as a clasp. I mostly use shirt buttons and they take 8 chains. You will have to use your best judgment on how many chains will work for your button, but remember there is more give to a chain than you think, so be a little conservative in your estimate. But if you have a shirt button, at this point, Chain 8.

Now you will fill this side to match the number of stitches used on the first half. After the first circle is filled, you will slip stitch into the back of the Chain 1 you made between rings. Keep going, filling the circles and slip stitching into each Chain 1 until you are back to the button circle. Slip Stitch into the last Chain 1 before the button circle. Fasten Off.

Step 3: Finishing. I use the original tail from my chain 2 at the beginning to sew on the button. Weave in any loose ends. Put it on and admire it!

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