Friday, July 9, 2010

Coaster Swap

When it comes to swaps, I spend a lot of time looking for just the right thing. I mean, my swap recipient has gone to all the trouble of listing her fav colors, objects, books, movies, etc. Why not tap into that?

When I say "the right thing", I mean the right pattern. The coasters on the right were a free pattern off the internet. I made them during my marathon session watching the Prime Suspect series from the BBC--seven seasons, mind you! These weren't the only stringy things I made during that series....more on other items for another post.

These are crocheted with No. 3 Thread from Royale and a B hook. No. 3 thread is supposed to be sport weight. I like it because it's soft, colorful, readily available and cheap.

This swap marked the start of my "swap anxiety". As I made these little pretties, I was actually thinking about my older son and daughter who live elsewhere. Do they have pretty coasters for their furniture? Nay, I say. Why am I making these for a complete stranger when my own family is wanting? Well, for now, I assuage my guilt with the knowledge that it's not too late to make them some. This was a swap in May and it's July now. I am finishing up my July swaps this weekend and plan to take at least a month off of Swapping with Strangers.

Don't get me wrong, I see swapping with strangers as a boost to my creativity. Then I will share that creativity with the ones I actually live with. Soon.
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