Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pretty in Pink....or not

This sweater vest was made from a pattern on Ravelry called Pretty in Pink . Being a vest to keep my mother warm in the winter, I went with a color she would like. I fell in love with it, too. It's called "Cognac". Doesn't that just conjur up images of well-suited men sitting in big chairs in some exclusive club library smoking cigars and discussing politics? No? Pardon me....

I chose to make it in wool because that is one of the best fibers out there for keeping warm.

I must confess a bit of silliness went on in the making of this sweater! The first part is knit up from the bottom to the armholes, thus no seams. Gotta like that! But then silly me who does not like to do one front, then the other front, then the back one after another went and attached two extra skeins of yarn and worked all the parts simultaneously on long circular needles. So imagine it like this: Knit right front row, drop the yarn; pick up yarn for back, knit a back row, drop the yarn; pick up ...well you get the idea. In theory this is a good idea. I was too stubborn to stop and just do it the traditional way. Now, before you go and try this method yourself, be forewarned: Handling three skeins of yarn is tricky business and requires strict attention to the placement of each skein immediately prior to working with it every row. Otherwise. I shudder here. The skeins become hopelessly tangled and you, dear knitter, curse the very day you read this blog!

This lovely photo gives you a peek into my yarn room. You can see a couple drawers full of yarn next to my comfy knitting chair. On the table to the left is a lovely shrug I knit in an acid yellow hue that my daughters wouldn't be seen in (thank you internet sale!). It has since found solace in the company of a girl studying for the theatre (no kidding). The skein of yarn just under the shrug is Lorna's Laces dk in Child's Play. I have two skeins of this pretty stuff. Not sure what they will become. Also, my button box came in handy. I chose some bone colored shirt buttons. PS Mom likes it a lot. PPS Mom does not like having her photo taken. Ever.
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